Sharpie Pens Saturday, Jan 17 2009 

I was excited to learn that Sharpie now makes pens! I found some when I was home in Virginia over Christmas, and I bought the blue ones; only blue and black (2-packs) were available at the store, though there are other colors available. I would like to see Sharpie extend the color selection to the number of colors they offer for the markers. I haven’t yet seen a pack like the one in the photo — I’ll be on the lookout! These pens remind me of the Micron pens that I love, though these are less expensive.

Sharpie Pens website



Theology of Sleep Thursday, Sep 11 2008 

I was reminded today of an excellent article on the topic of sleep. A while back, Christianity Today ran a series revolving around the question, “How can followers of Christ be a counterculture for the common good?” Lauren Winner, a writer whose works I love, responded with the answer of “Sleep more.”

A night of good sleep—a week, or month, or year of good sleep—also testifies to the basic Christian story of Creation. We are creatures, with bodies that are finite and contingent. For much of Western history, the poets celebrated sleep as a welcome memento mori, a reminder that one day we will die: hence Keats’s ode to the “sweet embalmer” sleep, and Donne’s observation, “Natural men have conceived a twofold use of sleep; that it is a refreshing of the body in this life; that it is a preparing of the soul for the next.” Is it any surprise that in a society where we try to deny our mortality in countless ways, we also deny our need to sleep?

I’d encourage you to read it, and then enjoy a good night’s rest!

“Sleep Therapy” by Lauren Winner

Favorite Pens Monday, Feb 18 2008 

Whenever I’m in a store, I’m often drawn to the “office supplies” aisle. I love stationery stores and stores like Office Depot. I like Post-it notes and paper clips and file folders. And over the last several years, I’ve developed quite a devotion to two particular brands of pens.

Precise V5 PensThe first brand that I love to use is the Pilot Precise V5 in the Ultra-Fine tip. I often use these for grading and for everyday school things. They come in all sorts of colors – I often use either the red, green, or purple colors for grading, though I also like the hot pink color. Jeff is partial to the navy blue; he recently had to ask me to pick up some extra ones for him (I think he suspected that I had stolen his!). Whenever students ask to borrow a pen, they inevitably choose these over ballpoint pens, so I have to resort to hiding them!

My other favorite brand of pen is the Micron brand of pen. These pens are more pricey than the Pilot pens (about $3 per pen). I use these at school Micron Penssometimes, but more often I use them for letters and for taking notes in church. I first heard of these pens in college; I had a Bible professor who recommended them for taking notes in your Bible since they don’t bleed through thin pages and since they come in ultra-ultra-fine points. So I use one of those in church, and then I use the thicker-tipped ones for other things. I usually find these pens only in craft stores like Michael’s (usually in the scrapbooking section); I bought some on Saturday (which inspired me to blog about them!).

Both of these brands of pens are small indulgences that can lift you from the doldrums of using ball-point pens (though ball-points certainly have their uses). But there are many occasions that call for a pen that’s a step above ball-point pens, and these pens are quite delightful!